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Using Manipulatives to Engage EC Students and Meet IEP Goals in Language Arts

In this STEAM professional development workshop, participants are guided through a three-hour LEGO® Serious Play® workshop by a certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator to answer the Essential Question, “What is an ideal, engaging Exceptional Children’s program?” Participants build individual models of scaffolded prompts to synthesize and create a shared vision of what an ideal, engaging [...]

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Comic Books and Stop Motion Class (October Unit)

In October we will be offering a Scooby Doo Mystery Comic Book and Stop Motion Videos Unit. In this course, Brick Scholars will create comic books and stop motion videos using a wide variety of legos, including Scooby Doo mini-figures and a vast collection of other character rich mini-figures. Brick Scholars will create models of [...]

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