Policies and Procedures


By completing and submitting the form below, I affirm my child and I have read, understand, and agree to above Brick Scholars, LLC policies & procedures

Emergency Contact Information

Special Instructions

Special instructions or medical/allergy information we need to be aware of:
Does your child have an IEP or 504 plan at school? Area of disability? This information will be kept confidential and help Brick Scholars tailor instruction to his/her specific needs as a learner.
Preferred learning style of child (what works best for your child -- verbal, auditory, visual, works well in groups, prefers to work alone, bodily-kinesthetic learner, etc.:

Medical Emergency

Please choose below if you wish to give permission to obtain emergency medical treatment for my child, if/when I cannot be reached or if a delay in reaching my child would be dangerous for him/her.

Photograph/Video Consent

We at Brick Scholars like to capture the wonderful moments of creativity, innovation, and minds-on and hands-on learning while building and sharing during Brick Scholars workshops, camps, and classes. As we see these a-ha moments, we would like your permission to photograph and/or video your child. We may post the pictures/video on our website (brickscholars.com) and our social media channels. Please select below:

Brick Scholars Policies

Registration Policy –

Space is limited. Pre-registration is necessary to secure your child’s enrollment.  For your child to participate, Brick Scholars must be in receipt of:

  1. The completed form (left) and
  2. Full Program Payment

Payment Policy –

Payment in full is due for classes on or before the start of the unit, class, or camp. We prefer you pay for the unit, class, or camp at the time of registration. Students will not be allowed to attend classes without payment of the service

Classes are ninety minutes or three hours depending on which type of class you enroll your child in. Summer camps are three hours each day (M-F) across five days typically. There will be no refund if the child leaves the class/camp session before the scheduled time is completed.

Pick-up/Sign-out Procedures –

All students must be signed in and out on the attendance form provided by the instructor or the staff of Education Exchange by a parent/guardian before leaving the building. If a person other than a parent/guardian will be picking up the child after the session, please make sure to provide written confirmation to the Brick Scholars instructor or Education Exchange prior to the student being dropped off for classes. Brick Scholars and Education Exchange do not provide staff to watch children while waiting to be picked up after a class/camp session and is not responsible for the care of children that are not picked up after their service time has ended. Parents of children who have not been collected within 10 minutes after the end of the session will automatically be charged a $25 fee and Brick Scholars, LLC reserves the right to refuse future services or allow the child to return to a class/camp session. Contact details for every child must be completed and on file before a child can receive classroom instruction at a Brick Scholars, LLC class/camp.

Behavioral Expectations –

Students are expected to act in a manner appropriate for an educational environment. Verbal warnings and documentation of repeated warnings will be addressed with parents and students after each class session. Persistent behavioral issues could result in dismissal from the class/camp. In such cases refunds will not be provided. Brick Scholars, LLC reserves the right, in extreme cases, to contact parents to withdraw students immediately from the class/camp and not be allowed to receive further services or participate in future classes/camps.

Behavior Management System –

Each child will start the class with three LEGO® bricks (green, yellow, red) as a tangible behavior management chart. They will receive a verbal warning, if necessary, to redirect their behavior; they will not move their brick on the first verbal warning. On the second warning for behavior, the student will take their green brick and place it at the bottom signifying they are on warning (yellow). If they are given another verbal warning 2 during class (a total of three), they will be asked to leave the classroom and go to a time-out area where they will be responsible for reflecting on their behavior and why it led to them having to leave classroom/camp instruction/activity. They will be allowed to re-enter the class after filling out the behavior reflection sheet. If their behavior continues, parents will be contacted to pick up their child and there will not be a refund.

Examples of Inappropriate Behavior:

  • Students leaving the classroom area without permission.
  • Disrespectful or aggressive language or behavior to staff, parents, or other students.
  • Inappropriate physical contact with staff, parents, or other students.
  • Unwillingness to cooperate with staff or other students.
  • Damaging of Brick Scholars, LLC property and/or Education Exchange, LLC property.
  • Damaging of property not belonging to the student.
  • Not following procedures specific to Brick Scholars, LLC materials handling.

Each student will be assigned the same Brick Scholars kit for the duration of their enrollment in specific Brick Scholars’ classes/camps. Each child is responsible for inventorying their kit and will be shown procedures for inventorying their kit. Students will be held accountable for lost or missing pieces. We do understand that smaller pieces may get lost because of the nature of the materials. Major pieces that go missing and that have been accounted for prior to the start of class will be the responsibility of the student/parent to replace or replacement cost of missing or damaged item (major piece examples: motors, cords, sensors).