Hello Brick Scholars!

As we continue our 60 Educational LEGO® Activities for Kids blog series, we are focusing this week on constructing tangible objects. Read Happy LEGO Day for our first post in this series highlighting 6 LEGO learning activities using toy vehicles.

Did you know that constructing tangible objects is a better way to learn? Seymour Papert was a mathematician, computer scientist, and educator who devoted his life to the study of this concept and developed the Constructionism learning theory. Constructionism teaches that “learning happens especially well when we actively construct something external to us.” Brick Scholars incorporates Constructionism learning theory in each of our programs, for children and adults alike. We all can learn something valuable through the act of play.

“Better learning will not come from finding better ways for the teacher to instruct, but from giving the learner better opportunities to construct” –Seymour Papert

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1 http://www.strategicplay.ca/upload/documents/the-science-of-lego-serious-play.pdf


Click on the image above in image carousel to be directed to the website or click on link below. Activities include:

LEGO catapult 

This activity teaches kids about tension. Kids will enjoy the challenge of discovering how adjusting the rubber band’s tension affects the power of the LEGO catapult.

LEGO machine and paper

This activity teaches kids about gears and is a great intro to robotics. Kids will have fun exploring about how pieces work together to create a working, moving machine.

LEGO zip line 

This activity teaches kids about force, gravity, and slopes. Kids have fun creating a device out of LEGO bricks to carry a Minifigure down a zip line.

LEGO bridge 

This activity teaches kids engineering. Kids have fun with the challenge of building a LEGO bridge which can withstand a certain amount of weight.

LEGO Slingshot 

This activity teaches kids about engineering. Kids have fun building a LEGO slingshot, explaining their creation, and drawing a schematic with labeled parts.

LEGO marble track 

This activity requires some more complex LEGO build sets to complete, and would be more suitable for older kids. The child learns angles, engineering and gravity as they design and build a LEGO marble ramp.