Happy LEGO Day!

Sunday will mark the 60th anniversary of the original LEGO brick patent,
which was filed in Denmark on January 28, 1958 by Godtfred
Christiansen under the unassuming title of “toy building brick.”

Did you know that interlocking toy building bricks existed before LEGO?
The LEGO brick was unique because of the off-center interlocking
design. The previous toy building bricks had protrusions on the top and
hollow space directly below, where the top of another brick would
connect. Or, as the LEGO brick patent explains, “in the previously
known blocks of this type the internal projections are arranged co-
axially with the primary projections.” The LEGO brick became the first
toy building brick to use an off-center alignment, making a sturdier
connection and paving the way for the LEGO franchise we know today.

Here at Brick Scholars we believe learning can be fun –especially when
you use LEGO bricks to learn. In celebration of the last 60 years of fun,
creativity, and learning provided by the lovable LEGO brick, we’ve
compiled a list of 60 educational activities for kids using LEGO bricks,
which we will be posting in a series of 10 posts over the next several

To get this series rolling, our first post highlights 6 LEGO learning
activities using toy vehicles. Tag us @brickscholars on Instagram if you
try any of these activities. We’d love to hear your thoughts.
#BrickScholars #LEGODay

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References: https://www.google.com/patents/US3005282

Written by Brick Scholars intern, Catheryn Moody

LEGO balloon car

This activity teaches kids about force and motion, while challenging them to think abstractly by designing and creating their own LEGO car. Kids will have fun exploring what happens to their car when they fill the balloon with more or less air.

Discovering inertia with LEGO

Discovering inertia with a LEGO moving platform
This project teaches kids about inertia. Kids have fun building a moving platform and then discovering what happens to items on the platform as it moves and stops.

Rocket powered LEGO car

This activity teaches kids about chemical reactions, energy, and force. Kids have fun building a LEGO car which can be powered by a chemical reaction.

LEGO egg racers

This activity teaches engineering skills. Kids have fun designing and building a LEGO vehicle which will win a race while keeping the egg driver safe.

 LEGO ramps

This activity teaches math. Kids have fun exploring how gradient affects the distance a car can travel by building ramps out of LEGO bricks.

LEGO magnet maze

This activity teaches the powers of magnetism. Kids have fun building a LEGO maze and moving a vehicle through it with a magnet.