Hello 6th Grade Team!

Brick Scholars is very excited to work with the 6th grade team and conduct Legocies Brick by Brick workshop March 6-10 at Carroll Magnet Middle School. We are condensing a five-day residency into a ninety minute workshop. In order to ensure your success, I would like you to think about some things in preparation for our upcoming workshop. Please read this post and complete the graphic organizer included in that post prior to my visit March 6-10.

Some of the LEGO artists we study during Legocies Brick by Brick residency are Nathan Sawaya, Sean Kenney and Legographer, Andrew Wythe. Below you will find videos of their work. Please view these videos and think about what you want to create in our Legocy workshop. The main thing I want you to think about is what is and/or what do you want YOUR legacy to be? Some questions you can ask yourself are:
1. What are your goals for your future?
2. What are you most proud of right now as a 6th grade student? It can be a hobby, a passion, something you excell at, or even something you wish to learn more about. Allow yourself the freedom to explore the possibilities.

Here are some articles and videos on Nathan Sawaya’s work.

During “Legocies Brick by Brick” workshop, you will be constructing 3D models of your individual legacy. It’s OK to not know what your legacy is right now (after all, you are only in 6th grade). You will be able to build your future legacy as you envision it now or even what your legacy is as a 6th grade student. We will be using LEGO kits that have over 2,000 LEGO bricks, mini-figures and elements. You will have the time and opportunity to express yourself.

Another LEGO sculptor we study in this residency is Sean Kenney. Here are some videos and articles you can view to learn more about his work.

Since we will be taking a large percentage of our time in the workshop to construct a 3D LEGO model, it is important to capture the build (as you will not be able to keep your models). The next LEGO artist I want to introduce you to is Legographer, Andrew Whyte. He is a photographer with a unique traveling companion (mini-figure photographer). During Legacies Brick by Brick residency, students have time to explore photography technique and perspective, but in our workshop, we will not have that much time to dedicate to learning about photography techniques.

​So, I want you think about how you want to capture your 3D model in a photograph, since you will be pairing your Legocy photo with your written legacy statement. The “magic” will happen when you have your hands on the bricks and you create your Leogcy 3D model in the workshop. It will help you with understanding perspective to take a look at Andrew Whyte’s website and view his unique photography. ​

Finally, I want to share some videos of Legocy models from students I worked with at A.B. Combs Elementary School. It may give you some ideas as you start to think about your own legacy.
I have created a graphic organizer to get you thinking about your legacy and what you want to construct during the workshop. You can download it here. It is OK if you do not know exactly what you want to build. It will help though if you take some time to explore Nathan Sawaya’s and Andrew Whyte’s LEGO artwork.

I look forward to seeing you March 6-10 at Carroll Magnet Middle School. We are going to have an exciting week.

Brick-tastically Yours,

Megan Oteri
CEO and Founder, Brick Scholars