Brick Scholars recently facilitated a LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ workshop with the Wilson Chamber of Commerce B2B group. Participants engaged in a presentation and workshop highlighting the history, science, and uses of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in a business environment. The true learning happened when participants experienced LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Most workshops are between 3 hours [...]

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6 Rainy Day LEGO Activities for Kids

April showers brings May flowers. With all of the wet weather keeping kids indoors this season, why not keep their minds engaged and growing with fun and educational LEGO® activities? Indoor play centered on creative thought and hands-on learning allows children to be imaginative in ways they couldn’t be outdoors. Turn off the TV [...]

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Designing a Prosthetic Arm with LEGO

This is worth the watch! This kid is amazing! So inspiring. You will not be disappointed in watching this YouTube video. LEGO aid a language of its own and this kid is fluent. Kids are changing the world. Give them the stage!

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Be Prepared for Severe Weather with Brick Scholars

The trees are budding and flowers are blooming. Days are getting longer and the sun is shining. Spring is fast approaching, and now is the time to prepare for the severe weather Spring can bring. The National Weather Service and the North Carolina Department of Public Safety have teamed up for Severe Weather Preparedness [...]

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Six Fun STEM Activities To Do at Home

Hello Brick Scholars! As we continue our 60 Educational LEGO® Activities for Kids blog series, we are focusing this week on constructing tangible objects. Read Happy LEGO Day for our first post in this series highlighting 6 LEGO learning activities using toy vehicles. Did you know that constructing tangible objects is a better way to learn? Seymour [...]

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Happy LEGO Day

Happy LEGO Day! Sunday will mark the 60th anniversary of the original LEGO brick patent, which was filed in Denmark on January 28, 1958 by Godtfred Christiansen under the unassuming title of “toy building brick.” Did you know that interlocking toy building bricks existed before LEGO? The LEGO brick was unique because of the off-center [...]

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