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Happy Fourth of July

  Happy Fourth of July! May your holiday be filled with sparkles, sunshine, and laughter surrounded by your friends and family. We have changed our summer camp format a little, stay tuned for updates.

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Samsung Solve for Tomorrow STEAM Grant Opportunity for Schools

Here is a great STEAM grant opportunity from Samsung. Here is their direct email if you have questions:  SolveForTomorrow@sea.samsung.com Contact megan@brickscholars.com if you need ideas or consulting. We'd be happy to help. Good luck! Students are the future! Sponsored by Samsung Electronics America, Inc., administered by Cohen-Friedberg Associates, LLC Website: http://www.samsung.com/solvefortomorrow Contact: Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 85 Challenger Rd. [...]

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LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop with Upper Coastal Plains Council of Governments

Brick Scholars recently facilitated a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop with the Upper Coastal Plains Council of Governments at the Upper Coastal Plains Business Development Center in downtown Wilson, North Carolina. The UCPCOG works across five counties in Northeastern North Carolina: Halifax, Wilson, Nash, Edgecombe, and Northampton and includes four agencies -- the Area Agency on [...]

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Happy LEGO Day

Happy LEGO Day! Sunday will mark the 60th anniversary of the original LEGO brick patent, which was filed in Denmark on January 28, 1958 by Godtfred Christiansen under the unassuming title of “toy building brick.” Did you know that interlocking toy building bricks existed before LEGO? The LEGO brick was unique because of the off-center [...]

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Brick Scholars Honored as Top 50 LEGO® Blog and Website

Last month, Brick Scholars received word that it was selected for Feedspot's Top 50 Lego Blogs on the planet! Check out our new badge. We are honored to be part of this incredible list. Feedspot is an RSS reader, which means that it collects information from a variety of sites and provides updates to those sites for [...]

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​The Power of Hand Knowledge

One of the influences on Brick Scholars’ pedagogy is Constructionism, which is when thehands create knowledge, so does the mind. Literature and language back up this idea, as does neuroscience. A look at mythology allows us to see that the Ancient Greeks believed in the power of hand-mind connection [1]. Athena was born straight from Zeus’ head, fully formed. As a product of his brain, she became the goddess of wisdom and knowledge, but she is also the goddess o [...]

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Legocies Brick by Brick Program

Written by: Nikki Cox, Brick Scholars Intern  Legacies and LegociesA legacy is what a person leaves behind after his or her life. All people leave behind a legacy of some kind, whether in a will, in having family, and in having that family remember them. Others leave behind a larger legacy, often because they were famous. Some leave behind a legacy of being the first person to do something, such as Amelia Earhart, remembered as the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Others leave [...]

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